Stuff I think is cool or interesting

Books I recommend:

I think Dave Duncan is a wildly overlooked/under-appreciated author of incredible science fiction and fantasy. Definitely try his A Man of His Word series! (Special thanks to alert reader Unmaker, for letting me know those links were broken! And a fond farewell to Dave Duncan, who apparently passed last October! I wish I’d written to tell him how much his work means to me.)

Check out Charles Stross. His Laundry Files books are absolutely brilliant; a crazy mash-up of James Bond, Office Space, and H.P. Lovecraft. Also read his Merchant Princes series.

Lois McMaster Bujold wrote the Vorkosigan Saga, as well as one of my favorite books, The Curse of Chalion. Check these out – for real.

Iain Banks was, I sincerely hope, a citizen and agent of the utopian galaxy-spanning Culture of which he wrote.